Medilingua’s Portuguese partner, Gesaude, has been very busy since the Second Transnational Meeting in Berlin.

We have communicated the results of the transnational meeting to all the staff of Gesaude, to local partners in Pedrógão, and to paramedics working at INEM and firefighters at the regional level.

Newsletter No. 3 was sent to project stakeholders and to target group in the project. Gesaude also used its Facebook and website corporate account to disseminate more widely information about the project’s development.

As well as general dissemination activities we have contacted local project partners to organize our first dissemination workshop. Since we cover a wide geographical area in Portugal (all of the central region) we decided to organize four workshops with the different organisations in which paramedics are working. These were held during October and November 2014 at different locations: At INEM headquarters in Coimbra; at the headquarters of the firefighters in Figueiró dos Vinhos and in Sertã. Also a workshop was held at Vocational and Professional School in Pedrógão Grande.

Information about the Medilingua project was also included on the Gesaude stand at an annual Fair dedicated to Health Services, in Vila Facaia.

Professional paramedics have been involved in the project since September 2014. They were recruited through telephone or email contacts, and also by face to face encounters. The work has been to familiarise them with the features of the platform and introduce them to the next phase of the project: the pilot test.

The general feedback has been very positive with strong adherence to the platform. Our paramedics expressed considerable motivation to be involved in the pilot test phase. We have started to enrol participants and create accounts for them on the platform. Some preliminary testing has already taken place and we are very enthusiastic to start the pilot testing phase when the full content becomes available.