The Second National Dissemination Workshop under project MEDILINGUA- Advancing Vocational Competences in Foreign Languages for Paramedics (2013-1-PL1-LEO05-37769) in Bulgaria was organized on the 26-th of March 2015 at the office of Center Runi in Sofia. 10 highly qualified and experienced paramedics participated in the workshop. They have graduated at different training centers or colleges in Bulgaria and are now working for several public and private emergency centers.

The programme of the workshop included several aspects:

  • Presentation of the Lifelong Learning Programme.
  • Introduction to the project, its aims and the results that have been accomplished so far.
  • Distribution of project dissemination materials among the participants.
  • Presentation of the Podcasts Creation Guide.
  • Discussion about the results of the research phase of the project.
  • Presentation of the first two units of the LMS platform.
  • Informing paramedics on the forthcoming testing phase and enrollment of participants for it.

All of the participants in the workshop were very enthusiastic about the project and their contribution to it. They assessed positively the first two units of the platform and declared that the platform will be a very useful tool for paramedics and other specialists working in the field of emergency medical services. They received credentials for access to the platform and claimed that they will provide feedback on the functionality of the first two learning units. They were very curious to see the next units and get involved in future project activities. The Podcasts Creation Guide was recognized very positively by the paramedics and they reckoned that they will use it when preparing their own podcasts. The participants learned about the job profile and educational opportunities of paramedics in other European countries and compared them to those in Bulgaria. The Bulgarian paramedics also discussed with each other the problems that they face in their everyday work and the need to improve their English language skills.

The participants in the Second Dissemination Workshop in Bulgaria will spread information about the project and its activities at their workplaces, thus engaging more and more paramedics in the project. This will help for the collection of extensive feedback about the platform that will be used for its optimization during the testing.

Moreover, five paramedics officially registered for participation in the testing phase that will start in May 2015. Strong connections with the Medical College “Yordanka Filaretova” in Sofia were established during the event and their representative affirmed that she will facilitate for the recruitment of participants for the testing.

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Photo 4- 2nd workshop in BG.JPG Photo 5- 2nd workshop in BG.JPG