The workshop was divided into two parts. First was theroretical during which, after short description of Danmar Computers and its experience in EU funded projects, the main assumptions and aims of LLP were presented, then the Medilingua project itself together with the partnership presentation. The second part was derdicated to the presentation of the Delivery System and its content. Participants had a chance to go through units, try exercises and listen to the audios. Dissemination materials: leaflets, notepads and pens were distributed among the paramedics.

Participants of the workshop were very interested in the final product of Medilingua. All of them asked about informing them once the final version of the Delivery System is ready, some expressed interest in participating in the testing phase that is about to start. During the practical part, some useful, technical  comments were received which will be taken into account by IT team when continuing work on the development of the content. All were satisfied with the overall structure and the level of difficulty of the language. The workshop’ participants were asked about transferring information about the project and expecially the final product to their contacts. All agreed to do so, took leaflets for distributing them further. At least three persons expressed interest in participation in the testing of the Delivery System.