Testing by paramedics will continue from  June to September 2015. 25 paramedics from Bulgaria, Germany and Portugal and 50 paramedics from Poland will test the platform. The draft version of the Testing plan envisages that each tester should complete at least 2 questionnaires in order to provide the partnership with  their feedback on the functionality of the platform. Members of the partnership will summarize the testing results and will fully support paramedics if they encounter some difficulties in the testing process.

Apart  from paramedics the testers could be nurses, fire brigade staff, paramedics’ educators, etc. All participants in the testing phase will receive a certificate. As a leader of the testing activities Gesaude will supervise their implementation in all partner countries. The Portuguese partner is also responsible for the creation of the Common report from  testing which will be prepared after the end of the  testing process. Participating in the testing paramedics will help for developing a product that will be very useful for themselves and in the meantime improve their English language knowledge.