AIN Logo
Asociación de la Industria Navarra

Funded in 1963, AIN belongs to 160 associated companies from Navarre. The centre is staffed by 150 professionals from different fields. Its objective is to carry out research and development projects, assessment in technical issues, improving of competitiveness and company management, and people training and development. AIN is a private organization and Tecnology and Innovation Centre; integrated into FEDIT. Moreover, AIN is a training center in V.E.T for organizations and companies. Our mission is to train Directors, staff and Employees. AIN delivers integral training programmes in all professional levels, functional scopes and areas in the company.

AIN's philosophy is to implement an innovative culture in our environment stimulating the optimal development of the organizations and provision of training and technical services in face of increasing competitive businesses.

Country: Spain

DPB Brugge

DPB Brugge Logo
Diocesane Pedagogische Begeleidingsdienst Bisdom Brugge

DPB Brugge is an advisory organization for primary and secondary schools and consortia for adult education. It’s recognized by the Ministry of Education and state funded. We have 65 pedagogical advisors and we coach school boards and school management. The counselling consists out of identifying the needs, proposing the possible solutions, helping with the implementation, monitoring and giving feedback.

A branch of DPB, Eekhoutcentrum (EC) develops in-service training of teachers and trainers. EC organized last year 1.040 courses for 26.535 participants and acts as a communication platform for schools, VET training centres, adult education centres, educational guidance services. We disseminate and implement educational innovation and have a structured cooperation with the University Leuven and University Colleges offering initial teacher training.

Our pedagogical advisors take part in the coaching and training of the VET-teachers. We have a broad experience in international projects

Country: Belgium


Almada Forma Logo
Centro de Formação de Escolas do Concelho de Almada

AlmadaForma is an in-service teachers training public institution. It currently supports all teacher’s and other educational staff from public schools and school clusters of all levels of education, plus vocational schools.

Our institution also supports directly Almada’s community with a global perspective of local development; the center has a large net of national, regional and local partnerships, with universities, the municipality, and several companies, where the students from vocational courses can do their initial training.

The philosophy of the Center has its focus on the role that education must play in the desiqn, organization and operationalization of inservice training of education professionals. It shows the importance of centering the continuing education on the qualification of the schools personal and on the public service done by schools and by the community, always focused in the lifelong learning, local development, employability and social inclusion.

Country: Portugal


SIC Logo
VšĮ Socialinių inovacijų centras

Social Innovations Centre (SIC) provides information, counselling, non-formal education and training for professionals (postgraduates ,social workers, social workers’ assistants, nurses, manages, teachers, etc.), volunteers, social partners, communities, etc.).

1800 - 2000 learners and/or service users are passing through different educational and social work activities every year. The centre is trying to assure rights of target groups to different services which will enable them to develop their capabilities and skills; to become a major factor ensuring equal and full-fledged social involvement in the life of the society and labour market.

SIC is skilled in managing projects and we have a wide experience of working on both Leonardo and Grundtvig projects. SIC has enough human resources – 20 full time staff members (trainers, social workers, sociologists, psychologists, projects managers, social programs coordinators, etc.) and methodologies to carry out international projects.

Country: Lithuania

Fundatia Professional

Fundatia Professional Logo
Fundatia Professional

Professional Foundation is a non-governmental, non-political and non-profit organization, established in 1998 with a view to promoting high quality in education, intercultural tolerance and appreciation, life-long learning, human rights, fight against poverty and discrimination and social inclusion. It promotes intercultural dialogue, develop and support networking at local and international levels, encourage international cooperation.

It is approved and accredited by the Ministry of Education for “Continuing Education”. It is a member of QUEST (The Romanian Association for Quality Language Services) which is an associate member of EAQUALS (The European Association for Quality Language Services).

In its 14 years of activity Professional Foundation has offered training to over 2000 trainees, with an emphasis on the new communication strategies as well as specialized methodology courses for teachers, mentors, women, adults, seniors and students (Pre-service and In-service).

Country: Romania

Danmar Computers

Danmar Computers Logo
Danmar Computers

Danmar Computers provides vocational training in the field of IT and develops and provides e-learning services.

Danmar deals with: trainings, developing programs and training materials, counselling, designing web pages and e-learning systems.

Danmar has experience of many years of carrying out EU educational programs, conducting research and educational activities. Target groups vary depending on the training needs.

Danmar has experience of many years of carrying out European Union educational programs including the previous ones: e-learning, Minerva, Lingua, Grundtvig 1, 2 and 4, LdV Pilot Projects and current: Development of Innovation, Transfer of Innovation, LdV Partnerships and Grundtvig Partnerships. Danmar Computers' technical team has extensive experience in developing modern web-based applications for use in areas of education, research, process management and PLM systems, including integration with web 2.0 environments and multimedia technologies

Country: Poland


Enter Logo
European network for transfer and exploitation of EU project results

E.N.T.E.R. was founded to serve four main purposes:

  • To support EU strategies through the dissemination and exploitation of project results funded by European programmes for the benefit of all European citizens.
  • To offer EU project coordinators the opportunity to disseminate information about their projects and their results to a broad community of interested organisations and bodies.
  • To give European citizens and organisations the opportunity to regularly receive information about developments and results in the EU project community.
  • To give interested organisations the opportunity to find EU project groups and consortia for exchanging know-how and developing innovative project ideas.
At the moment the network has more than 560 member organisations from 35 different countries. Furthermore, the E.N.T.E.R. board is supported by a European advisory board representing different organisations and different nationalities.

Country: Austria