Final Project meeting in Pamplona, Spain

The final Keycoach meeting took place on 16th September. All partners except ENTER were present at the meeting and at the final conference which was held on the following day. During the management meeting, partners reviewed all the workpackages and results, discussing in detail what has been done.

In particular, Justina from SIC presented WP2, inventory of current education and training needs, training needs assessment, training programme and reports. Laura from AIN presented results from WP3, WP4, WP5, WP6 and WP7. Natalia Bellostas presented evaluation workpackage and results of the evaluation. Lukasz from Danmar presented the platform, partners provided comments for improvement. Laura presented a list of documents required for the final report, deadlines and procedures.

Pilot workshops finished

Pilot workshops of KEYCOACH programme have finished in all partner countries. They had an opportunity to test and provide feedback on the content of the course and the delivery platform. At the moment, all partners are completing their country reports which would be compiled to one comprehensive report by our Belgian partner DPB Brugge.