DPB coaching seminar

On Tuesday 18 and Wednesday 19 November the DPB / Eekhoutcentrum organized a two-days seminar on coaching. The target audience was school middle management, of which more than 95 participated those two days.

The seminar is part of the dissemination strategy of the Keycoach project.

We're in AlmadaForma Magazine

AlmadaForma has just released issue 8 of their magazine. The theme is vocational teaching - policies and practices. There are several research and academic articles on VET experiences and best practices and text about KEYCOACH are among them. You can find and read it here: AlmadaForma Issue 8.

Coming soon in Lithuanian

KEYCOACH training resources in Lithuanian are almost ready. They will include training for VET teachers. Follow the news on our website or on KEYCOACH Facebook page.

3rd Meeting in Almada, Portugal

The third meeting of KEYCOACH partners was held in Almada, Portugal on 3-5 November 2014. Participants represented partners from Belgium, Lithuania, Poland, Portugal, Romania and Spain.

During the first day of the meeting, partners reviewed and discussed the evaluation reports which was followed by agreement on the improvement of communication between partners. Then, the subject were the contents of the updated training program, which were assessed by the transferring partners and commented accordingly. Finally, the partners decided on important dates in 2015, i.e. when the next meeting, pilot cases and the training of trainers are going to be held.

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